June  was a key date for our industry

This is the month  that trickle vents became compulsory  for installation for all new windows including general replacement  ( not just new-build )

This was part of the revision to building regulations that were passed by Government during the early part of the year.

The Industry lobbied hard NOT  for this to happen – customer feedback shows they are really unpopular .

They discolour , look unsightly, easy to break , drafty,  let in outside fumes and pollution and there is a cost.

The main reason for the change was to allow airflow 

Some cynical people may argue that consumers are paying extra now anyway for heat retention glass – and this effect is almost negated by the trickle vent – you may also ask how can a window be an “A” rated window with a trickle vent – the answer to this is easy – the authorities  ( like the BFRC )  pretend  it is not there !!  – you tell me !!