1. If a client or customer wishes to make a formal complaint it should be in writing and sent to Sunrise Windows (Plymouth) Ltd, Unit 7 21/23 Market Road, Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 1QW. This allows the scope of the complaint to be defined and gives Sunrise Windows (Plymouth) Ltd the opportunity to respond and deal with specific issues.
  1. All written, formal complaints will be recorded by Ross Dent and he will be responsible for handling the complaint, including monitoring progress. Ross Dent will have the authority to progress the complaint and be responsible for recording all contact details within the Complaint Log and Tracking sheets for each specific complaint.

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Complaint

  1. All complaints will be acknowledged in writing within three working days of being received by Ross Dent and he will identify himself within this letter as the nominated complaint handler .
  1. The complainant should be advised in the letter of acknowledgement:-
  1. of any action that has been or will be taken and the likely course of events with their timescales, and
  2. notification that the complainants if dissatisfied and feels that the complaint is not being properly addressed, has the right to seek further assistance from  either of the following organizations.
  1. i) The Buy with Confidence scheme – administered by Plymouth City Council
  1. ii) The GGF , 40 Rushworth St , London SE1 0RB  – The GGF have a Conciliation Scheme  – more details at


  1. After sending the acknowledgement of receipt, Ross Dent will decide the most appropriate detailed response depending upon the seriousness or urgency of the complaint. The detailed response will be communicated in writing to the complainant within thirteen days of the date of the original letter of notification of complaint.
  2. In cases where an investigation visit is required the client and Sunrise Windows (Plymouth) Ltd should liaise to set up an appointment that is convenient for both parties. Where reasonably practicable this appointment should take place within 10 working days of the date of advising the customer of the need for an investigatory visit.

Further Action

  1. Where the facts are disputed by Sunrise Windows (Plymouth) Ltd, or an agreed resolution of the dispute is not possible, Ross Dent may arrange for a mediator to investigate the complaint and seek an agreed resolution usually in the first instance using either the GGF or  Plymouth City Council  Buy with Confidence  mediation services.
  1. Where mediation is not considered appropriate or the mediation fails to bring the matter to a conclusion, the client or Sunrise Windows (Plymouth) Ltd may request that the matter be referred to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is entirely independent of member companies and has full autonomy and authority to provide a dispute resolution facility. The Ombudsman is able, amongst other things, to dismiss the complaint, to reprimand the Member, dismiss or remove the Member from the approved list of  GGF Members, award compensation or issue a specific performance award and once the complaint has been brought to a conclusion, request any outstanding monies which may be owed are settled in full within a reasonable timescale.