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Double Glazing Installation with Sunrise Windows

With a comprehensive range of products and our fully qualified and experienced installation team, we specialise in providing high-quality windows, doors, and conservatories and stock a full range of uPVC windows, and uPVC doors. Whether you’re looking for replacement windows, a new secure front door or a beautiful conservatory, we have the products for you.

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Sunrise windows can manufacture windows to meet any style or design. if you are looking for bespoke windows or a quality out of the box solution, we can help.

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The gateway to your home is such an important part to get right, Sunrise Windows offer an extensive range of materials and colours for you to choose from.

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Need to replace damaged guttering? or looking to refresh or update the look of your property? Take a look at our extensive range of roof line products.

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Add and extra dimension to your home with a sunrise windows conservatory. With our state of the art software, we can design the perfect conservatory for you and your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait?

This depends upon how many windows have been ordered – typically we work on a four to five week lead time – BUT this can be quicker if needed.

Will I still have condensation?

No company can ever give an absolute assurance on this matter but as a general rule condensation on the inside is normally reduced.

However, due to the makeup of the new type thermally efficient sealed units now used, it is very common to sometimes get condensation on the OUTSIDE of the glass – especially on cold mornings – this will however disappear when the temperature warms up.

How long do I need to wait for a FENSA certificate?

Normally within a month of the installation.

I have double glazing already, does this mean my windows are energy efficient?

No not necessarily, of course all old, uncoated, double glazing offers a limited level of heat retention. However, Building Regulations now state that an energy efficient window glass must be used in all replacement windows and a double glazed unit containing PLANITHERM is on average 40% more thermally efficient than standard non-coated double glazing.

What is a Window Energy Rating?

A Window Energy Rating (WER) is a system for demonstrating the energy efficiency of a window. The labelling used is similar to those seen on appliances such as a fridge or freezer offering an easy method for comparison. To check a window’s energy efficiency before you buy, look at the energy label. The ratings range from A to G with a C-rating being the minimum rating required for compliance with current Building Regulations. It considers three aspects of performance:

  • Amount of heat loss
  • Amount of solar heat gain
  • The air leakage of the assembly

Sunrise Windows offer A rated windows as standard

Why do i need to bother with a FENSA certificate

a FENSA certificate proves the windows were fitted to current regulations. Where a FENSA certificate is particularly useful is when you come to sell your property, as you are able to easily provide paper work a buyers solicitor may ask for. To find out more about our Double glazing Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall please contact us on 01752 339373

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