Secondary Double Glazing From Sunrise

Secondary glazing Liskeard

If you are in a position where you dont want to change your windows or you just want to make improvements to either noise or thermal insulation then secondary glazing could be the solution.

Some houses can’t be changed and if you own a listed building where it stipulates that new windows cant be installed you could be left with windows that are drafty, reduce the heat of your home and have poor noise insulation.
If you are interested in finding out more information about our secondary glazing in Liskeard please call us on 01752 339373 or our freephone number 0500 30 40 25.

Cost Effective

Secondary glazing is alot cheaper than replacing a whole window so is a cost effective solution to improve the insulation of your home.

Excellent in cases where the exterior of the building must not be altered

If your property is in a conservation area or is a listed building, secondary glazing will be a suitable solution.

Match your existing windows

If you are worried about secondary glazing not fitting in with the style of your home we can help. Our glazing is very versatile and we will ensure it matches your existing windows blending in with your home. For more information about our secondary glazing in Liskeard please contact us today.

We have a range of styles to fit all types of windows:

–  If you have sash windows we can provide vertical sliders which can have a tilt feature for cleaning.
– Horizontal sliders for casement windows
– Hinged units for french windows and doors or narrow casements.
-Units that can be lifted out if you dont require regular access to the primary window.
– Fixed units to insulate glass panels within a door.
– We also have options regarding the types of glass used if you would like better thermal insulation.